The bicycle must be 100% dirt and dust free. When the bicycle is thoroughly cleaned the following parts can be de degreased: the frame, front fork, crank arms and rims (NOT the moving parts of the bicycle). Degreasing can be done with the 10 ml RCC Degreaser and a clean cloth. Take the RCC Degreaser and a clean cloth and degrease the described parts. After degreasing the coating can be applied. This will be done with our black suede microfiber cloth and the 10 ml RCC Transparent Coating. With the support of our instruction video it’s easy to apply our coating at home. The treated parts will be dry after 1 hour and water resistant after 12 hours (the coating must harden at room temperature)

Our coating ensures that after a ride you can clean your bicycle proper and easily. Less water will be wasted during cleaning and dirt that attaches itself during a ride will easily fall off. After treatment of the bicycle do not clean the bicycle with acid or alkaline agents in the future, because it can affect the quality of the coating.