RCC Kit -30%

€ 41.99

Temporarily 30% off!

The RCC Kit provides you of everything you need to treat your bicycle. We recommend to purchase the 3M 4279 masker because of safety precautions.

This RCC Kit contains:

  • RCC bottle,
  • RCC PreClean,
  • Microfiber cloth,
  • 2 Nitrile gloves,
  • An instruction manual with instruction video to apply the coating.

The coating can be used on all bicycles whether they are made of aluminium or carbon with glossy or matte lacquer. It doesn’t matter!

50% off shipping costs!

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Very statisfied

R. Mol

The dirt really falls off.

I am very satisfied with the product and the service.

100 times easier

Super happy with the coating on my mountain bike.
Brought my bike 3 months ago for a treatment and the guys were very kind. My bike had some scratches and they were all gone and the color of the bike came back completely! Cleaning the bike is a 100 times easier!

Nice gift!

M. Meurs
A few weeks ago I had my mountain bike treated with Rapid Clean Coating. The result was beautiful! Small damages and scratches were gone and the bicycle looks like new again.
Cleaning is now much easier, the dirt flies off, so I use considerably less water.
Recently i gave a treatment as a gift, a beautiful and original gift.
Thanks guys!

As good as new!

E. Hogebirk
The Rapid Clean coating does its job: dirt does not adhere and rinses away easily with a little water. My bike looks like new again with the beautiful matte coating. I'm very happy with the coating!


J. van der Steen
My Trek Mountainbike is treated with Rapid Clean Coating, cycled through the dunes with heavy rain and mud a few weeks ago, sprayed the mountain bike back home with the water hose and it is spotlessly clean again. A good result through the right treatment with your product. Thanks for the advice!