Long-term protection against dirt and moisture

The coating offers several years of protection against dirt and moisture.

Easier and faster to clean

Dirt and moisture attach poorly, making the bicycle easier and faster to clean.

Less dirt will attach to the bike while riding

During cycling less dirt will attach, which means that the weight of the bicycle during a ride will get less heavy.

More scratch resistant

The transparent coating ensures that the bicycle is better protected against minor scratches.


The surface becomes UV-resistant due to our coating, so the original lacquer color will retain longer. For bicycles that are already in use for a longer time the coating will help to regain the original lacquer color.


Less water is needed to clean the bicycle in addition, no more cleaning agents are needed to clean the treated parts. The nano particles in our nano coating form a very strong chemical connection with the underlying surface. As a result, there are no "free" particles that can have an adverse effect on the environment. Our coating is PFAS free!